Who let the cats out?!?! MEOW... Konatsu exhibition at QPOP announced!

Q Pop Gallery is proud to present their third Konatsuya exhibition. The show will feature Konatsu's original paintings and custom toys. They will also feature custom Negora & Diaoh Negora vinyl toys interpreted by selected artists, which include: Konatsu, Bwana Spoons, Cat Tuong Bui, Chris Mitchell, Gabby Zapata, Evon Freeman, Eli & Oli Ceballos, Hyperactive Monkey, Jacky Autokite, Jeff Ranjo, Jeremiah Ketner, Keiko Murayama, Magen Mitchell, Martin Ontiveros, Miss Kika, Mizna Wada, Monster Factory, Mujuworld, Onch Movement, Paul Kaiju, Paul Shih, Riser, Riyoko Iwamoto, Saera Hwang, Soyeon Yoo, Soyun Park, Sylvia Liu, Tara Billinger, Uamou, Yuki Mori, and more! Such a diverse talent pool... so much goodness will be on display!

Known for her whimsical characters like the cat-kaiju (giant monster) Negora and others, Konatsu has made an impact on the global collectible toy scene. Q Pop is a proud partner of the Konatsuya brand and is excited to present her new pieces at our gallery located in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles. The opening is on Friday, March 16th from 7PM – 10PM (Konatsu live drawing)... and there will also be a signing event on Saturday Afternoon, March 17th at 3PM - you don't want to miss this! Check out the official event page HERE for more info!

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