Trust Pigs's Top 10 Best Resin Releases of 2017!

Here are Trust Pigs's Top 10 Best Resin Releases of 2017... and along with these picks, the rest of us here at SpankyStokes decided to carefully examine all the releases of 2016, each of us rigorously reviewing the massive list of designer toy creations from those twelve months and choosing our Top 10. What follows are Nick (Trust Pigs) Curtis's favorite completely new resin releases from 2017!
  • Josh Keyes - The Collector
  • Greg Craola Simkins & Silent Stage Gallery - Beyond the Black Sea
  • Buff Monster - Devil Ball
  • Zeb Goodell - Okita the Samurai Assassin
  • Deadly Delivery’s Season of the Itch series
  • High Proof Toys - Birb Type
  • Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura - Axephunt
  • Otto Bjornik - Bai Lan
  • Huck Gee - Re:Blank
  • Kong Andri x FLABSLAB - Owangeboy

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