Trust Pigs's Top 10 Best Customs of 2017!

Here are Trust Pigs's Top 10 Best Customs of 2017... so many to choose from! Along with these picks, each of us here at SpankyStokes went through rigorously reviewing the massive list of designer toy creations from those twelve months choosing our Top 10. What follows are Nick (Trust Pigs) Curtis's favorite custom pieces from 2017!
  • Tadeo Mendoza’s El demonio (DMX8)
  • Otto Bjornik’s Artemis Munny
  • Charles Rodriguez’s Lumbi Dunny
  • Mr. Mitote’s Hade Skullhead Blank (Clutter Show)
  • Yumiko Kayukawa’s Labbit (PIQ Circus Parade of Custom Labbits)
  • RxSeven’s El Borracho, the Drunken Easter Jackalopes
  • Klav’s Pinhead
  • Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Mag the Claw
  • Tomodachi Island’s Slumbers Dunnys
  • Carson Catlin’s Murder Dunny

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