Toyboom's "Crukii" gets the KLAV treatment!!!

Klav has been hard at work on a new custom series... and this time, it's a collaboration with Toyboom (Klav's first official collaboration)... and hot damn did it turn out amazing! Utilizing the Crukii platform, Klav mentions "I had intentions of doing a few different groups, but was given complete freedom and ended up with 9 individual works (thou 3 look pretty close to each other)." - all look stellar and Klav tells us that 5 of the 9 will be going back to Toyboom so they can bring them to the Shanghai Toy Show in China. But... the 4 you see above will go live HERE this Friday, March 2 at 7am PST for $220 each. There will be 1 more coming in around 2 weeks that will be completely different from this group.

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