The Codename: Colossus — M1A2 Light Walker on Kickstarter Now!

Michael Sng attended New York Comic Con in 2015 with a mechanized scale model he'd built, one that consisted of over 400 3D printed parts and stood over 20-inches tall. And the reactions he received started him on the road to forming his own Machination Studio and creating the "Codename: Colossus" series of mechanical dieselpunk walking tank scale models. And now he's introducing us to his latest offering in the line, the pictured "Codename: Colossus — M1A2 Light Walker (Squad Leader version)"! A 1/35 scale model kit, this beast consists of over 60 polyurethane resin cast and 3D printed parts as well as lights and a motor that are powered by 2xAAA batteries, and a multi-part character figure, "Sergeant Reynolds". And yes, the kit does require assembly and painting, but no soldering is needed for those of us that are a little less electrically inclined. When assembled, this kit can stand over 5½-inches tall and wide, every leg having joints that can be independently posed, hatches that can be left open or closed, and other options that can dramatically differ the look. With the first 100 kits expected to be delivered anywhere in the world by June 2018, it is important to be clear that this design is not limited to 100 kits, subsequent kits will simply be delivered at a later date. Available now through a Kickstarted campaign for $120 SGD (approx. $91 USD) apiece, it appears only the first 100 kits are being offered right now… so don't wait too long to back this one!
The M1A2 Light Walker – Squad Leader version is the first model in the Codename Colossus world from the U.S. Marine Expedition Force. It is a light scout walker designed and built in secret facilities in the Nevada desert. 
The M1 Light Walkers first saw action in the 2nd Mexican War and Sergeant Reynolds of the 51st Steel Cavalry Regiment is a decorated veteran for being the first cavalry troop to enter Mexico City, ending the war. Both the 51st Steel Cavalry and their Light Walkers are affectionately referred to as “Bug Zappers” for their Westinghouse lightning cannons that are designed to clear trenches and barbed wire.

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