Okedoki - Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show 2018!

Okedoki’s upcoming releases were featured recently in a show called Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show 2018. VTSS created and managed the Okedoki pieces in this show, and VTSS continue to do an amazing job of sharing Okedoki’s work with collectors. Here are some photos from the show showing some upcoming releases from Okedoki which you will be able to get hold of in the near future.

Including: The psychic Twins and Dancing Spoons(top), Sitting Benny the Dreamer(bottom left) and Wooden Benny the Dreamer(bottom right). There is a stream of releases on the way from Okedoki, but because of the exhaustive commitment to quality, things have appeared quiet for a while. Projects are being completed in the background and many are nearing completion now. Rest assured you will be not be disappointed with the releases from Okedoki once they start to appear! If you would like to find out more information about upcoming releases from Okedoki by VTSS then you can contact VTSS directly HERE.

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