Devils Head Productions St Patrick's Day releases!!!

ST PATTY'S ALAVAKA (AKA MENAGE A TROIS - 4 BODHISATTVA ALAVAKA) • Top "o" the mornin' to ya! Blasting down the rainbow like a bat out of hell comes the fourth amazing 3 color marbled Alavaka set. It's St. Patty's Day and this time the pour is neon green, army green and glow in the dark (GID) vinyl. The release includes both the standard and converted head along with the body. As you gaze upon the colors that swirl throughout this cannibalistic monk and celebrate this March 17th (the traditional death date of St Patrick) it makes you wonder... was he one of Alavaka's victims? These will retail for $80 each and will be up for grabs HERE March 17th in the morning EST!

MIXED PARTS LUCKY CHARMS APALALA • It's St Patrick's Day and guess what's at the end of the rainbow? It's not a pot of gold but a pair of 1 off Apalala. These mixed parts twins feature complementary GID and Army Green/GID marbled vinyl with just a small kiss of gold and green paint to make them magical. Each comes with an Army Green/GID Marbled Jizo-Anarcho Omake. Only 2 made so try your luck and see which one of these charming beauties you get... retailing for $140 each and will be available HERE March 17th in the morning EST!

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