Codename: Colossus's "M1A1 Light Walker" Kickstarter Stretch Goal!

A week and a half ago, we announced the Kickstarter campaign for the newest addition to Michael Sng's fictional World War I era setting "Codename: Colossus", the "Codename: Colossus — M1A2 Light Walker (Squad Leader version)". Becoming an almost immediate success, Sng has decided to expand his world where walking tanks rule the battlefield with a Stretch Goal for the final five days of the Kickstarted campaign, adding the "M1A1 Light Walker (Trooper Version)" to the offering! Using the same base chassis as the "M1A2", this 'new' version of the 1/35 scale model kit is notably different due to the addition of a two-phase Westinghouse Cannon, M1917 water-cooled Browning machine guns, a different exhaust tailpipe, stowage bins, and a loading crane in the rear, as well as the accompanying multi-part 'regular' 51st Steel Cavalry Trooper figure. And while this kit of over 60 polyurethane resin cast and 3D printed parts does require assembly and painting, there is no soldering needed to make the lights and motor work (though they do need 2xAAA batteries). Able to stand over 5½-inches tall and wide, with every leg having joints that can be independently posed and hatches that can be left open or closed, what will your U.S. Marine Expedition Force light scout walker look like when you've completed making it? Available now through a Kickstarter campaign for $120 SGD (approx. $91 USD) apiece, it appears only 100 of these kits are being offered right now, so don't wait too long to back this one!

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