Skinner x Poposition Press - Updates to the Necronomicon pop-up book!!!

UPDATES on the new, soon to be released, Necronomicon pop up book from Skinner and Poposition Press is currently in production... and yeah, this thing is a beast, a feat of papercraft engineering, so if you pre-ordered it through the Kickstarter project just know that something like this takes a ton of time.. but they are getting closer! Speaking of time... how fresh is that neon green slipcase pictured above?!?! Both the slipcase and blue foil cover is the 'Elder God' Edition of the book - an awesome option - which is up for grabs HERE right now still!

Also to note, the 'Shambling Freak' and 'Conjuring Fish Priest' art prints are available HERE as well... some serious Skinner goodness for your walls to prepare you home for all that is Necronomicon! Like we said already... be patient, this is going to be ready very soon, but there are a ton of moving parts (literally/figuratively) - it will be well worth the wait though.

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