Onsite Recap: Martin Hsu Visits Google HQ with Year of the Dog Exhibit!

Martin Hsu visited Google HQ today with a terrific set of new paintings and Android Mini customs! According to the Chinese calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog, and Martin made a series to appeal to all dog lovers big and small!

These two paintings, which sparkled with joy and fun, sold out right away. The chow really makes me smile, since I like hearing Martin talk about his beloved black chow chow. The shiba inu also looks like she is having a laugh at someone's expense.

Martin also made a series of hand painted Android customs with various dog breeds featured. Definitely a must for pet lovers, and these generated a lot of buzz on Instagram, with folks chiming in for their favorite breed. Martin chose a few of his own favorites to paint (including golden retrievers, my most beloved breed of all!).

Just a few of Martin's fans hamming it! You too can ham it with your very own painting. Though the large paintings are sold, any remaining Android customs will be available here on Thursday morning at 9 am Pacific time. If you don't see your must have dog breed, reach out to Martin for your special own commission! Email him direct at martinhsuart@gmail.com.

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