Blackbook Toys "Setsubun" seasonal one-off's from Marvel Okinawa!

In Japan, they have a traditional custom called "Setsubun" around the beginning of... and this year, it's on February 3rd. On this day, the Japanese scatter roasted beans to Oni, which represents negative vibes, to get rid of them and wishing a prosperous life throughout the year. So, with that tradition, the folks over at Blackbook Toy will be releasing some special seasonal one-offs by Marvel Okinawa. Adorable Onizilla and Scary Oni Beast in classic red and blue colorways. Only 1 piece have been made of each and will be offered up via email lottery! If interested, send an email to info@blackbooktoy.com with the following info - Email Title: Setsubun Lottery entry • Then submit you: Name, Address(Don't forget to include your country and zip code), Telephone, Item name (You can enter only once per item. You can enter all items if you wish), and your Instagram! This begins February 2nd at 7am PST and runs until the 4th at 6:59am PST! For more info, hit up their blog post HERE... it's all there!

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