Hand-Painted "Troll Trooper" & "Troll Vader" Figures Available Now!

While Blue Osiris's resin forms are fun little homages to nostalgia, using the Kewpie doll-like body of a Troll figure and placing the heads from a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader atop, what really makes these 2¾-inch tall pieces pop are the hand-painted detailing by Ren & Jen of WePaintMinis. And while the paint details aren't pristinely smooth or robotically perfect, they are an impressive artistic decoration on these roughly Dunny-sized figures. Called, appropriately enough, "Troll Trooper" and "Troll Vader" depending on their toppers, the above-pictured foursome of unique figures are available now in the WePaintMinis online shop for $60 apiece.

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