'Alternate Reality' Blister the Octopus from Nathan Jurevicius... up for pre-order NOW!!!

Look at this little gem that we ran across today... Nathan Jurevicius show off what he is calling his 'Alternate Reality' Blister the Octopus from the Scarygirl universe... and yes, he might look a tad bit familiar as the original design was first produced with Hong Kong based company Flying Cat in 2003... OLD SCHOOL! Look at that underbite, that mustache, and how about that dapper looking hat! 14 years after the original Blister the Octopus was released the new 'Alternate Reality' Blister is finally ready to pre-order in 2 colorways - "Radioactive Pink" and "Toxic Green"... both look great!

This new reimagined version is being made by Gums Productions in HK. Benny, the owner actually worked with Flying Cat back in the day and had been wanting to collaborate for a long time... and you can now see the fruits of their labor! We are HUGE fans of Nathan and his work so it's rad to see him producing these new figures! This will be a vinyl figure that's 10" wide and 8" tall. Up for pre order HERE right now... both are retailing for around $100 USD. Snag these up, such a blast from the past and we love the updated look.

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