Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot x Broke Piggy - "Shard" Dunny custom show announced for Dcon!

Now that NYCC is over, it's time to focus on the next BIG convention... and that's Dcon! With that being said, we have some exciting news about one of many custom shows happening during this epic designer toy-centric event and it's a doozie as Scott Tolleson has teamed up with Kidrobot and Broke Piggy to launch his custom "SHARD" show! Scott recently sculpted this 5-inch Dunny himself and it instantly became a hit after teasing it on social media as everyone was clamoring to get their hands on one... but according to Scott, "We have no plans on selling the DIY blank at this time or the future. A limited amount were made for the show. However, there might be a new Shard colorway that will be dropping at DCON in 3" and the new 5" sculpt. Maybe two colors." so yeah... a ton of goodness to be had!

Featuring a list of heavy hitting artists in the designer toy scene, Scott has handed over his new 5-inch resin sculpted "Shard" Dunny for these artists to get to work on. Those talents include: Leecifer, Luke Chueh, Kristina Drake, Candie Bolton, kaNO, Mark Nagata, J*RYU, The Bots, Scribe, 64 Colors, Jermaine Rogers, Seriously Silly K, Dolly Oblong, Doktor A, MAp-MAp, Squink, Jeremiah Ketner, the Kidrobot Design Team, and the man himself, Scott Tolleson! So yeah... expect some amazing customs to come from this show!
5" Shard Dunny (sculpted by Scott Tolleson) 3" Shard Dunny (sculpted by SSK)
All of these customs, once completed, will be on display and up for grabs during Designer Con 2017 (happening on November 11th-12th) via the Broke Piggy booth #527... and expect other rad stuff to release from Broke Piggy as well - so be sure to hit this booth up asap when the doors open. Look for teasers and reveals in the lead up to the event as well.

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