Miscreation Toys's Marbled Meat Autopsy Baby Editions!

Depicting classic doll forms that are rotting and menacing, the "Autopsy Baby" figures from Jeremi Rimel's Miscreation Toys are key pieces for fans of horror art toys. And one can't deny how striking the look in Lulubell Toy Bodega's signature "Marbled Meat" vinyl! With both the more standard "Gergle" and the multi-faced "Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby" renditions available, these have crawled forth from the grave now and will be available to pre-order for exactly one week, until September 22nd, 2017 at 12pm Pacific time. And these 9½-inch tall monstrosities will be available as a set for $250 as well as individually for $135 apiece, with no order maximums being placed. So head on over to Lulubell's online shop and stock up on your "Autopsy Baby" goodness!

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