Free Goodie Friday - Win a custom DOOMSDAY figure from Ricstroh!!!

All of us over at SpankyStokes are super stoked for a brand new giveaway, and what better way to kick off the end of the week then to have a seriously rad FREE GOODIE FRIDAY?!?!? Well, thanks to the the man, the myth, the uber customizer... Richard Strohmeyer aka Ricstroh, as he has put up for grabs his seriously awesome custom 'BVS' DOOMSDAY figure that you see above! Utilizing the 6" Funko Pop figure, he took the already cool looking sculpt and put his own painterly touches onto this beast of a figure... and the end result is truly impressive!!!

Richard mentions, "I thought the sculpt was cool but the paint was super lame and decided to give it a makeover/color way  in my style." This figure is just the lead into what he has planned for next summer, something he is calling "Funko Friday" that will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. He plans to take a Funko that isn't a blockhead form and give it a high quality paint scheme. All in an eight hour day... so keep your eyes peeled! Now.. back to the contest... do you wanna add it to your collection, keep reading...
1. First up, this one is for all you Instagram heads... visit the SpankyStokes Instagram page HERE and Ricstroh HERE - FOLLOW us... then find the photo with the figure that you see above... and then follow the instructions in it. Make sure to re-post the photo, and hashtag the re-posted photo with #SpankyDoom - This is gonna be fun!!!!

2. Finally, head on over to the SpankyStokes Facebook page HERE and the Ricstroh page HERE - 'LIKE' us, and then find this post HERE about the contest, and 'LIKE' it and then SHARE it (only non-private accounts will be entered as we can't track private accounts) - but be sure to share the post!
Now, each one of those steps is an entry... so if you do all of them, you get 4 entries!!! This contest will end Sunday night 9/17/2017 at 10:00pm PST so you only have a few days to get your entries in, after all is said and done, one lucky winner will be chosen at random and will have this rad custom sent their way... SWEET! A big thanks goes out to Richard for putting together this amazing prize package... now go and enter, ya turkey's!
BIG congrats to Ernest Montes Jr. who is our big winner for this giveaway! Thanks again to everyone who entreated and an even bigger thanks to Richard Strohmeyer aka Ricstroh for putting up this rad custom to giveaway!

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