Kidrobot teases new Harley Quinn licensed figure... but who is the artist behind it?!?!

We just got word of a new DC Comics licensed figure crossover from Kidrobot... and color us intrigued! As you can see, this is obviously Harley Quinn, the voracious vixen and the Joker's right hand woman from DC Comics... what we don't know for sure is who the artist is behind this particular figure. First it was Tara McPherson with her amazing Wonder Woman figure... and now this one... but wait, something looks very familiar! Upon further investigation, the font used on that mallet/hammer, the one that says "YOUR FACE HERE" seems to be the same one used by Brandt Peters on his "The 13" Dunny series... and Brandt is known for drawing/illustrating Harley Quinn in past projects... so we kind of have a strong suspicion that he is behind this design. More soon... until then, what do you all think?

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