Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx - "Hell Lotus" REINCARNATION available now!!!

If you jump into the wayback machine then you'll recall the Summer of 2012, when we announced a fledgling company called Mighty Jaxx and their debut vinyl figure, the "Hell Lotus" designed by Clogtwo. And then, not even a year later, the duo evolved the form into the "Trooper Lotus", a Star Wars inspired rendition of the form. No, you don't remember these things? You can read all about them HERE and HERE. Go ahead, we'll wait for you.

It's been four years since then and now it seems like its time for the "Hell Lotus" to return, re-imagined anew by Clogtwo as the "Hell Lotus: Reincarnation", a more majestic take on the design featuring a burning throne and a crown of flames. "Donning his new robe and the staff that controls his army, Hell Lotus Reincarnation puts his kingship on display for the world to see with flames burning immensely around his lotus throne and skull crown. With his newfound domination, his generals will rise and his army shall walk this land..." What made its debut at STGCC 2017 is now up for grabs online HERE right now! Standing 8" tall and limited to just 100 pieces, don't delay on pulling the trigger on this beaut', or you'll regret it!

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