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Retroband's "MEATS: Mutant Marble v.3" from Unbox Industries!

To satisfy the unending demand for the design, horror-themed designer toy visionary Aaron Moreno of Retroband began allowing his production partner, Unbox Industries, to sell unpainted "Mutant Marble" versions of his 12-inch tall "MEATS" figure at the beginning of this year. And yet, even with larger production editions, they have still sold out within seconds the two times they've been offered. But now they are back, and this "MEATS: Mutant Marble v.3" not only has the marbled vinyl base of its brethern but it adds factory painted details to the mix! With no official announcement of packaging or any included bonus materials, like the vintage style mini movie poster we'd previously seen included, these are set to be available "on sale this weekend." We anticipate that this means Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 8:30am Pacific time, based on past experience, but make sure you follow Unbox's Instagram feed for furter announcements.

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