Munky King launches 'Grief Encounters' Kickstarter project!!!

What made its debut at SDCC this past weekend, the folks over at Munky King launched a very rad Kickstarter project called Grief Encounters... now, what is this, you might ask?!?! Grief Encounters is a series of animated shorts that brings to life the art of renowned pop-surrealist, Luke Chueh. Signature to his paintings are the evocative narratives contained within the still images and their titles. What's the deal with the bear after he was hijacked by the Devil in Possessed? Or what's up with the chicken in I Asked For Scrambled? They hope to explore these narrative conundrums by animating some of the most iconic paintings from Chueh's portfolio. Reimagining the worlds within whilst weaving narratives that stay true to his unique blend of comedy and tragedy.

So, not only can you help bring these once static images to motion, but you can also, in return, grab up some amazing figures... like the 10th Anniversary Possessed figure (that we debut HERE). So many great tiers to not only get this new figure, but many others as well... including a GID version of "HUNG" and "THE PRISONER" as well as a larger 6" version on THE PRISONER they are calling the XL version! Head on over HERE right now to help back this project... and in return, get some rad new figures!

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