*ON SITE*: Creep Show 2 - Leeds - United Kingdom!

On the 22nd July in Leeds (United Kingdom), Secret Demon Services brought together another incredible selection of Sofubi for Creep Show 2. We went along to get some pictures for you if you couldn't get along to see the pieces for yourself. With a roster of artists that would look good in any Sofubi show, Creep Show 2 really didn't disappoint and the team at Secret Demon Services set a standard for future Sofubi shows in the UK and beyond.

Artists included the following: Paul Kaiju,  Awesome Toy, Kto Kto, Splurrt, Violence Toy, Unbox Industries, Secret Demon Services, Matt Blak, Leeeeee Toy, Trutek, Kaiju Tan, Monster Foot Creations, DRWGCO, Choke Hazrd, Grizlli Atom, Death Cat Toys, CO.OC29, Paulus Hyu, Rotten Studio, Joseph Harmon, Nomiwa, Stkl Toys, Oltretomba, Retroband, EPSW, Rampage Toys, Copasquat Toys, The Olive Knight, Purple Toys, and Noisecret! An awesome lineup who seriously produced some really stellar work!

The venue for the show was supplied by the crew at Art Official  - if you are ever in Leeds and are looking for art supplies, go and see these guys. You can contact the team at Secret Demon Services to see if your lucky enough to grab a piece post show - but judging by the popularity of the artists featured you need to be quick - contact them via email for more information on availability secretdemonservices@gmail.com - some great pieces, congrats to all involved, the show looked amazing!

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