Mr. Mead's "Henri Bolan" figure released!

We have been in awe of Mr. Mead's work for many years (Check out his previous work HERE) and recently he just announced the release of a new 3D printed resin art figure... "Henri Bolan", and as you can see from the pictures in this post, they look stunning! This 3D printed model of his "Henri Bolan" character sits 4" tall and is available in both "clear" and "grey" versions! The model comes in a hand made box which is wax sealed and protected for safe delivery.

The models were printed in resin in a process called Stereolithography (SLA.) The resin gets cured by a laser at a resolution of 100 micron. Once the prints are done they are bathed in isopropyl alcohol, they then get dried under a UV light and cleaned up to remove any impurities. This model was modeled and printed by the amazing Rabbit Company in Cape Town. It's really cool to see Mr Mead's illustrations come to life, and what's even cooler is the fact that they can be produced now with this new technology. Head on over HERE right now to snag one up!

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