Huck Gee's "The Blank Show 2" Sneak Peek with… HX Studio!

Following up last year's popular "The Blank Show" (see HERE), artist Huck Gee has once again partnered with the Beacon, NY-based Clutter Magazine Gallery to present custom versions of his 7-inch tall "The Blank" resin figure. Yes, it's "The Blank Show 2"! And we have a special sneak peek for this exhibition, showing off HX Studio's piece below.
Titled "R-B.01", this one-of-a-kind piece evolves the roboticized "Re:Blank" form with some new details done in Super Sculpey, a weathered acrylic paint application finishing off the work. Modeled along the same lines as two recent HX Studio commissions, "B.06" (on The Blank) and "R-B.72" (on the Re-Blank), this stellar piece will be part of the exhibition opening on July 8th, 2017. For those interested in pieces from this show, you should join The Clutter Gallery's Preview List, which typically allows those on it to purchase online first from the gallery's exhibitions.

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