Coarse Toys announces CELLS vinyl figure release!!!

"We are only our cells. They control who we are. Our skin is just a crown. This is what unites us." New from the guys over at coarse toys, they are proud to introduce and release their "CELLS" vinyl figure as part of their new ethos series! This 10.5" vinyl figure comes in two editions. Paranoia [limited to 299 pieces] which is bursting with fevered colors, and Narcosis [limited to 299 pieces]... similar to the first but features muted and subdued colors... almost pastel like! The number of characters and the intricate detail of each element make this piece particularly complex in production... and we are digging what we see!

CELLS is the first part in the coarse – Ethos series, and its two colorways, will complement future pieces. Ethos merges coarse's bright and dark aesthetics in a line of surreal and mysterious sculptures.... and we love the juxtaposition of creepy/cute, something coarse does extremely well! Void and his cells come securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge... and is set to release HERE at 8:59am PST on August 4th for $185 a pop!

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