Coalition Of Chaos: a Theresa May bootleg action figure!!!

A politically themed designer art toy with a bootleg aesthetic... yes please! David Withers aka Chaingun sends over info about his latest creation, The Coalition of Chaos Theresa Mayhem action figure! "Seeking to strengthen her mandate ahead of the Brexit negotiations Prime Minister Theresa May asked the British people to go to the polls on Thursday 8th of June 2017... unfortunately, the election did not go as predicted and May lost her majority. Weak and vulnerable with power slipping through her fingers she was forced to turn to the only political party desperate enough to get into bed with her, the DUP! So the Coalition of Chaos was Born." That's enough rhetoric to warrant an action figure, if we don't say so ourselves!
The Coalition of Chaos Theresa Mayhem action figure is a homebrew, low run resin art toy with a bootleg aesthetic which is designed to appeal to politically motivated art collectors and fans of kookie art toys. Initially, Chaingun will be releasing a very limited run of 8... then a second run of 10 on a slightly different card back will follow! The line may then expand to include other notorious British political figures. The figure retails at £40 plus postage... and there is a deluxe package which contains a figure and the original production artwork for £450! These pieces will be for sale HERE on Saturday, August 20th... so mark you calendars! Oh... and if you dig the card art, a hi-res version is up for grabs HERE to download and print yourself :-)

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