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"Arthur & the Problem Solver" new release from Huck Gee!!!

"Arthur, a former sailor and boxer in Her Majesty's Crown Navy, now the Dapper Scoundrel's muscle and team roadie. He was introduced to Flynn and the gang, by Darby, after he bounced out of the service and he's been an important part of the crew ever since. Arthur and his "Problem Solver" are now practically family. When not lugging equipment around out on the road he can be found hanging 'round the garage, reading the Daily Struggle and helping Thorn tear down bikes. Or if it's been a particularly hard day, perhaps alone on a hillock, contemplating a quieter life with a bottle of whiskey and a good cigar. This is Arthur."

The newest hand crafted figure from Huck Gee is here... Arthur! This guy towers over the rest of the crew... standing over 9" tall! He comes with all that you see in this post, awesome hand made cloths, chain, shoes, and that massive "Problem Solver" wrench! Limited to an edition of 10 figures, signed and numbered, these are up for grabs right now for $875 + S&H. Anyone interested in adding this masterpiece to your collection email sales@huckgee.com ASAP. Payment due at time of ordering, these will ship in 6-8 weeks.

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