UME Toys's "Oozeit Monster Water Pipe" is for use display use only, we swear…

The classic "Ooze-it" figure, the rubber toy for the '70s/'80s which spewed forth slime from its mouth, nose, eyes & ears when squeezed, has had newfound life within the art toy community over the last four years or so. And this new "Oozeit Monster Water Pipe" piece by Rich "UME Toys" Page is a fun addition, the artist having sculpted an original rendition of the "Ooze-it" in apoxy resin onto the base of a brand new, unused 8⅔-inches tall "water pipe". Painted in the traditional green with red ooze appearance of the toy, this piece is "for display use only" — so keep your tobacco (and other smokables) away! Available alongside the previously announced "GeekWok Tank & Driver", "Wolfie", "SmogBuster", "BigBot", and "SpongeBob Pink Eyes", this piece will be in the UME Toys's online shop today (Friday, June 9th, 2017) at 1pm Pacific time for £55 (approx. $71).

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