IKEA x Målerås Glass... full reveals of all artists in upcoming collectible series!!!

Glass... glass, and even more glass! We stumbled upon the full reveal of the previously revealed IKEA designer glass series, and above is what you can expect from some of the most notable designer toy artists in our scene! The fourth series of IKEA Art Event continues to make art affordable for everyone while exploring the imaginative world connected to figurines... IKEA wondered how one-of-a-kind figurines could invite that playfulness and imagination again, at any age. For this year’s limited-edition series of IKEA Art Event, the fourth of its kind, IKEA has invited artists: Arkiv Vilmansa, Coarse, James Jarvis, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, Ludvig Löfgren, Michael Lau and Nathan Jurevicius to the Målerås Glass factory in southern Sweden to create contemporary glass figurines... so cool! As you can see... each artist took their designs and used this new medium to it's full potential. A wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors... this will be a fun series to collect! The IKEA Art Event 2018 will be available for a limited time starting in April 2018... so you have almost a year to start saving. More updates on the release when we get them!

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