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Some More Adventures of Alice in Wonderland… Visell & Valigura Style!

Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura once again turn their artistic eyes towards the highly recognizable characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! Pictured above is a new "Black Rabbit Alice" edition of their previous "Alice and the White Rabbit" set, which comes complete with the March Hare late for his very important date, pocket watch in paw. Yes, he's ready to lead us all down a rabbithole and into Wonderland. But, once there, we meet the new "Fang Cheshire Cat and Alice" rendition, pictured below, featuring the menacing kitty in translucent resin alongside a diminuative Alice, presumably after ingesting the 'Drink Me' potion. With the larger piece in each set being roughly 4-inches tall, all figures are original sculpts by the artists, exemplory of their aesthetic, that have been cast in resin and hand-painted. Limited to an edition of 25 set and 35 sets respectively, these are available right now in the myswitcheroo online shop for $90 per set.

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