Martin Hsu's "Kindreds" gets an Artist Series at SDCC 2017!

Around these parts, we've loved Martin Hsu's "Kindreds" figure set since we first saw it teased at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015 (see HERE). Released at the following year's SDCC (see HERE), these were sculpted from Hsu's design by Roberto Maki, prototyped by Jian Shen, and produced by PowerCore. Standing roughly 7-inches tall, depending on arrangement together, and a hefty two pounds of resin with a polished stone-like finish, these magnificently minimal pieces are returning for this year's San Diego Comic-Con with their very first "Artist Series"! With Hsu's own interpretation being joined by versions decorated by Emma SanCartier, Jeremiah Ketner, Kozyndan, Mark Nagata, and Nicole Gustafsson, these are hand-crafted one-of-a-kind works rather than production pieces. Thus if you hope to acquire one then you best get to Hsu's SDCC Booth #4530 as quickly as possible when the con opens.

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