It's Mechanized & Monstrous… Abell Octovan's "CockZilla"!

We're always impressed with the creativity and clean executions by Abell Octovan, and this more risque piece is no exception. Titled "CockZilla", who it seems is the "Millennial Destroyer", we get a blending of Mecha Godzilla's giant robot monster aesthetic with, well, a phallus. With one buzzsaw blade arm ready to rumble, there does seem to be a leak at the top of his head… A handmade resin figure, "CockZilla" has been cast in five parts (body, arms, and legs), assembled by the artist, and finished with a spray of coloration. Limited to only 15 pieces worldwide, you can acquire one of these 7-inch tall works right now by contacting the artist directly at abelloctovan [at] gmail [dot] com.

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