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Horror & Sci-Fi Icons Remade as Madballs by… Kidrobot!

"They're gross, funny, yucky, and sick" proclaimed the advertising for the original '80s Madballs line, and it looks like Kidrobot are trying to push this concept even further with their resurrected 4-inch wide foam pieces by introducing the "Madballs, Horror & Sci-Fi Series"! A stunning mixture of the movie sourced characters into cartoonish gross Madball form, we have the hockey mask campsite killer Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise, the unmasked Predator hunter from the movie of the same name, the Nostromo's Executive Officer — Kane — with a FaceHugger affixed to him, which comes from the original Alien film as does the Xenomorph (or Big Chap) creature, then there's Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, and finally there's Nightmare on Elm Street antagonist Freddy Krueger! Expected to be released in January of 2018, we wouldn't be surprised at all if this was fast tracked for this October so that your creature feature and cinematic killer needs can be satisfied for Halloween.

[Images and information courtesy of the Mamegyorai.co.jp site.]

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