EGGY from minnimi... launching soon on Kickstarter!

Jolyn Wong, a marketing executive based in Singapore, teamed up with a few partners to setup a product design company called minnimi. In short, they are a group of toy lovers, product designers, and mechanical engineers. They've been collecting vinyl art toys over the past few years: To-Fu, Be@rbrick, Dunny, and even Funko Pops... and after years of collecting, they have noticed, and wanted something more than just a display. They wanted something more interactive... therefore, they’ve created EGGY.

Inspired from traditional Roly-Poly toy, EGGY is redesigned and they added in minimalistic feel and cuteness to it, finding the balance between an art toy and engagement (interactive). Check out the video above... really fun! They wanted the self-righting characteristics of the toy to symbolize the ability to have success, overcome adversity, and recover from misfortune. They are currently in the phase of marketing (pre-campaign launch)... as they ramp up to official launch on Kickstarter starting on July 10th, 2017! We will update you all when that happens...

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