The Mark Ultra returns for Five Points!!!

Back from a year off with lasers blasting! The Mark Ultra returns home to New York for Clutter's inaugural FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL! Landing at booth #235 with Green Plastic Tunnels and Doom Toys, he will have some rad exclusives up for grabs! First up is the "Space Pharaoh" in urban pacification orange for 40$ each. Next up, they will have the "HVY PNZ" in hazard yellow with plasma blaster for 40$ each. Also, the Ultra mini series returns for a blind assortment mini "Space Pope" figure for 5$ each in a pyramid box! And last, but certainly not least, they will have the DeadWorld blind adventure pack - 40$ each, inside of a custom VHS case you'll find: 1 handmade figure • 1 Mark Ultra sticker • 4 packs of 80's/90's trading cards • 1 pack of pogs • 2 toy spaceships • And a suckle figure! (Courtesy of DKE toys!!). All this plus tee-shirts, bags, and lots of other surprises - this is a must visit booth!

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