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The BANE of all evil... Fools Paradise reveals "The Last Hire"!

Per our teaser post HERE, we se the full colored reveal of the latest creation from Fools Paradise's Alan Ng... and set to be on display at their Thailand Toy Expo booth this year, introducing "The Last Hire"! This version of Alan's "Lowfool" character shows the Dark Knight's nemesis, Bane, as he stands looking to enjoy an ice cream cone only to be foiled by his mask! A massive mixture of parts cast in vinyl, PVC, ABS, and resin, this figure even includes the Bane version of the Tumbler vehicle that we have seen in previous "Coin Rides Game" series releases! The online pre-order for this release is slated for May 9th and we are guessing that the retail price will be around the $300 mark (per previous releases). More on exact amaounts as well as the official announcement in a few days!

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