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Stranger Factory presents: "Bats in the Belfry" group custom show!

This June at Stranger Factory, things will be getting very batty... and we mean that in the very best way possible as they are playing host to "Bats in the Belfry", a custom toy group exhibition based on Brandt Peters' vinyl toy, the "Night King"! This group exhibition will feature a whole cast of super talented artists, all who have been asked to reinterpret Brandt Peters’ Night King bat vinyl toy produced by Cardboard Spaceship Toys and Circus Posterus. The 24 artists include: Camilla d'Errico (pictured in the flyer above), Jellykoe, Drilone, House of Boz, Dolly Oblong, 64 Colors, Tasha Zimich, Igor Ventura, Ian Ziobrowski, Joe Whiteford, Brandan Styles, Ink Visuals, Otto Björnik, Jess Hernandez, Victoria Rose, EL DODO ALBINO, Tokyo Jesus, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, Cassia Harries, Karl Deuble, and SeriouslySillyK. The opening reception is slated for June 2nd from 6pm-9pm and will run until July 2nd! This will be an awesome show to see in person, so if you have the means, do so!

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