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Matt Gondek × ToyQube's "Mickey Exploder" Coming Soon?!?

Producer ToyQube recently revealed the above-pictured teaser on their Instagram, remarking that it is a sneak peek of their upcoming collaboration with artist Matt Gondek. If you're unfamiliar with Gondek, he's a "Deconstructive Pop" artist, known for taking iconic characters — typically from cartoons and animation — and "exploding" the skin away from their skeleton in certain locations, typically around the head. The pictured designer toy teaser certainly appears to be of a Mickey Mouse-inspired design, which is a character Gondek is quite familiar with: he created a sketch of Mickey’s head was exploding three/four years ago which immediately led to his first "Pop Deconstruction" painting (pictured below left). And while he's revisited the character several times since, the exposed knee in the teaser correlates directly to Gondek's "Mickey Exploder" design, which was painted on a Hong Kong rooftop in November of 2016 and released as a "Graffiti Style" print series (pictured below right). Given the level of ToyQube's superb productions, we can't wait to see how they mimic Gondek's in sculptural form!

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