Calling all fans of the weird, the wild, and the downright strange!

Following up last year's fantastic Creepshow exhibition (see HERE) curated by Kyle Renard (Secret Demon Services) and Matthew Trotter (Matt.Blak), the duo are once again putting together a collection of creature creations and this time they are calling it… Creepshow 2! Sharing its name with 1987 horror anthology film that featured adaptations of Stephen King stories, this "designer toy/lowbrow art show" version will surely impress fans of the weird, the wild, and the downright strange, as it includes pieces by the likes of Paulkaiju, Awesome Toy, kto kto, Splurrt, Violence Toy, Unbox Industries, Secret Demon Services, Matt.Blak, Leeeeee Toy, Tru:tek, KaijuTan, Monster Foot Creations, DRWG Co., Chokehazrd, Grizzli Atom, Death Cat Toys, CO.OC29, Paulus Huy, Rotten Studio, Joseph Harmon, Nomiwa, STKL Toys, Oltretomba, Retroband, EPSW, Rampage Toys, Cop A Squadt Toys, and The Olive Knight. Taking place on July 22nd, 2017, beginning at 10am local time, you have plenty of time to figure out your travel plans so you can arrive at Artofficial (29 Kirkgate, Leeds LS2 7DR) on time for this one.

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