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Utomaru × Tomenosuke's Impaled Woman from Cannibal Holocaust Figure!

In 1980, the Italian film Cannibal Holocaust was released. And, if you're a horror movie buff, then you at least know of the title and its lasting impact. Telling the story of the horrible fate that befell an American film crew making a documentary about Amazonian cannibal tribes, it was presented in the "found footage" style that has become exceedingly popular in the last 25 years. And Japanese artist Utomaru has made her own rendition of one of the film's most controversial moments, a depiction that Tomenosuke will soon be bringing out in soft vinyl!
The scene in question showed a woman having been impaled, and its notoriety was so great that the film was confiscated ten days after it was released in Milan, and the director (Ruggero Deodato) was arrested, his charges ultimately including murder as the authorities believed the work to be a snuff film. Fast forward to 2015, when Eli Roth's The Green Inferno was released in Japan, itself a homage to the 1980 cannibal classic. To commemorate the opening night, artist Utomaru decided to create an illustration "inspired by" her "favorite Italian horror [movie]", which of course was Cannibal Holocaust. An impressively cartoonish rendition of such a gruesome moment, this inspired melding of the cute and cruel would become the basis of her "original Sofubi figure", which also happens to be her "first figure"!
Being produced by Tomenosuke, this piece was sculpted by Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy. As you can see in the above pictures, the woman and stick elements are going to be seperate pieces, allowing her to be positioned and moved along the instrument of her death. Or, at least, moved within reason — there is a notch shown on the stick that probably locks into her mouth cavity to some degree. While the above-pictured prototype sculpt has just been revealed, we are told that the piece has already been "sent [on] to the mold making process" and Tomenosuke "are hoping to debut the new figure this summer." In the meantime, we have a digitally compiled and colored rendition of what the completed piece may look like for you to enjoy…

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