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The Toy Bunker at ToyCon 2017!!!

I had the pleasure of bumping into the guys from The Toy Bunker at ToyCon last year, quiet literally...at the bar. These guy are producing some great work and have some pretty unique ideas, they are also based in the UK and there are only a few artists here creating decent monsters.

We have a few of their creations on our shelves and they are permanent fixtures. With a combination of real character and humour (with a splash of horror thrown in), these old school scary monsters look great and every painted figure is unique.The team at The Toy Bunker are refreshingly passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and it's going to be really interesting to see what this talented duo from the North of England end up creating next.

They dropped me an email to let me know more details, and what you need to know about the pieces they are taking to ToyCon UK 2017. With them... 4 large resin figures, all hand sculpted using super sculpy and then cast in black resin. The four figures are Moon, Shell, Mountain and Factory. The size of the figures ranges moon 14 cm shell 16 cm mountain 20cm and factory 21cm. All are solid resin and the factory is pretty heavy at around 800grams!! Factory and mountain have magnetic limbs for limited movement but are not designed for 100% articulation.There is a total of 16 pieces, 4 of each character with 4 unique paint jobs done in metallics and gloss varnished to finish.

"We take our inspiration from the toys we collect and things we like in general. Our favorite toy maker is Elegab, we love his playful style and some of the loose themes of the natural world mixed with crazy monsters." Aside from these large pieces they will be bringing a small selection of smalls. Pyramid Snails and Power Gamer Hands. The gamer hands where inspired by a dual love of gaming and weights its a riff on the 'Do You Even Lift BRO' meathead shit! they will come packages in hand cut lino headers. The snails came from some late evening sessions creating weird creatures and will hopefully be the first in a set with others to come as we make them!

Prices are still TBD but will probably be around £25-35 pounds depending on figure with the small snails at £10 and the hands at £5 - go find them on the day to get more details. Go and track them down at ToyCon UK on the Saturday, they will be on booth T7 with Hollow Planet Designs.

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