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T9G × Instinctoy × Shoko Nakazawa - Mini Byron, Mini Rangeron & Mini Rangeas!!!

WHOA!!! After we teased this happening HERE a little while back, we are pleased to see the progress that has been made, and yes... so much progress that there are multiple releases!!! Mini Byron, Mini Rangeron, and Mini Rangeas from Instinctoy are here... the first production series have been made in the sofubi original colors - PINK (mini Byron), YELLOW (mini Rangeas) and BLUE (mini Rangeron). These three colors will be available at the same time.,, and Instinctoy also has a mini Muckey in the same colors, and they match each other perfectly.

They come with 2 types of tails, which are the standing type and the dangling type. This allows you to enjoy having them as either a standing mini figure or on a phone strap. You will get a headphone plug as usual and a charging plug which is for iphone7... and they used an illustration designed by SHOKO NAKAZAWA on the packaging. They will debut at TTE in Thailand in May, and subsequently be sold at Five Points Festival in New York and also SSF in Shanghai in June. They will not be released in the Instinctoy online store HERE!

NEXT... these G.I.D models are artist editions, and will be available at the TTE PARADISE G1 booth where both T9G and NAKAZAWA SHOKO will be attending. So if you plan on attending, swing by to pick them up... if you are not, get your mule ready... love the way these look... glowing and no glow!

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