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Pobber Toys x Cote Escriva - "Twisted Bart: SpongeBart" edition revealed!!!

Released last year at Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC), the all black edition (posted HERE) of Cote Escriva's "Twisted Bart" was released thanks to Pobber Toys... and now, the Treehouse-of-Horror'esque homage of zombified mash-up of Bart Simpson's overall form with Spongebob Squarepants's face and Mickey Mouse's lower torso with a singular Donald Duck leg thrown in for fun... will see the light of day as a full colored edition! The new "Twisted Bart: SpongeBart" edition is revealed!!! No word on a specific release date, or any other details other than "coming soon" - be on the lookout for a drop in the near future! A true art toy inspired by pop culture, this takes the elements of preconceived characters and rearranges them into a new form, one that shows the nightmarish reality frequently hidden underneath a cartoonish veneer.

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