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Han Ning's Adorable "Space Dog" is actually… The Easter Bunny?!?

In space, no one can hear you scream… with joy at finding your Easter eggs! Chinese artist Han Ning brings his canine companion from his "Space Boy" sets back. Yes, it's the return of the absolutely adorable "Space Dog"! And, just in time for Easter, this duo of themed "Space Dog" figures have bunny ears affixed to their clear dome helmets. But who are these two new "Space Dogs"?
  1. Chun Yu: The mint green canine is "Chun Yu", whose name means the "spring rain". She is not only thoughtful but also proficient in languages… not just those of Earth, but also a couple of intergalactic ones! Due to this, she is a very valuable asset to "Space Boy" and other "Space Dogs" in their journies of discovery.
  2. Ya zi: This apple green "Space Dog" is named "Ya zi", which translates roughly to "blossoming bud". She is a gentle soul with an affinity for plants, able to identify many flora and even some fauna!
These roughly 2" × 1⅕" × 2" resin art toy creations are limited to 300 pieces in each of the two colors. In order to improve the consistant quality of these pieces, a more stable production technique was used than the initial three "Space Dog" figures, which did result in a very minor increase in price. These will be $33 apiece and are expected to ship in May, but — if you're one of the first 100 to pre-order before May 2nd, 2017 — then you can get a discounted price of $28.60 apiece! Those interested in reserving copies and arranging payment should contact liyan0564_rao [at] sina [dot] com.

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