"Unity Through Art" group show announced!

Matt "Obscure" Perez shared with us today some news about an event coming up quick... he curated a show for The Alley Gallery in Pomona, CA and have brought a very diverse list of artists together for it. The show is titled "Unity Through Art" and it will consist of all collaborative works. Matt invited several artists and allowed them to choose their collaborator. The artist list includes: Obscure x Juan Muniz, Amber "Spiderface" Tilden x Dorys Dee, J*Ryu x Luke Chueh, Jeremy Cross x DW Frydendall, Big C x Angelina Nwin, and more. There was no specific theme for the art pieces, but the idea is to show unity within the art community through collaboration. The show will open on April 20th, 2017 and will feature music, vendors, and a live art jam for all of the featured artists to take the theme of collaboration and unity further. We look forward to seeing some of these pieces... more soon!

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