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REVEALED: ThreeA’s “Tomorrow Queens: Geisha TQ — Utsukushi Hoshi"!

Following the recent announcement about the newest additions to the threeA produced "Tomorrow Queen" line, we get a proper reveal of the Ashley Wood designed "Utsukushi Hoshi" character. Standing roughly 12-inches tall, this 1/6th scale piece depicts one of four surviving members from an "all-female group" called Odoriko. Known as the "Geisha TQ", they "gained fame and admiration as the last TQ standing in defiance with the TKYO against the marauding Mortis forces at the infamous Pluto frontline battle." Joining the "Kibō No Hoshi" spotlight from the other day, we're thrilled to see "Utsukushi Hoshi" — whose name translates roughly to "Beautiful Woman". And that she is, looking fantastic with her vibrant kimono robe, bo staff and hand fan accessories, and geta footwear. Releasing on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 exclusively in the Bambaland online shop for $140 (worldwide shipping included) apiece, we hope to meet the remaining two members in as much detail before then.

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