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Is that a KAWS's Companion Relaxing?!? It's Little Good Things × FLABSLAB's "Woody Oh Faker!"

If you haven't seen FLABSLAB's "Oh Faker!" yet, which is a twisted take on KAWS's "Companion" figure in a reclined pose, it's probably because all previous versions have sold out in the blink of an eye. But this rendition of the roughly 7-inch resin figure might be the most appropriate yet, especially given KAWS's penchant for making massive "Companion" wood sculptures, as "Woody Oh Faker!" has been exquisitely modified and hand-painted to resemble a carved wooden form. With the faux wooden exterior painstakingly crafted by — as the signature under the foot indicates — Little Good Things, we're told that the first batch — consisting of only 10 copies — will be available tomorrow (March 11th, 2017) at 7am Pacific time in the FLABSLAB online shop for $270 apiece.

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