Alex Solis releases his TMNT "Chunky Mikey" resin figure!!!

We posted up the teaser for the release HERE just yesterday... and now, we have the full release details for "Chunky Mikey", the newest resin art multiple from Alex Solis! Up for grabs HERE right now, there are 2 sizes available... The 7.5" tall version is limited to 90 pieces and retail for $90 each and the 5" version limited to 200 pieces and will retail for $45 a pop - snag them both up for $130! Oh... and Alex mentions that an all black, very limited edition of 10 each size, will be available once these ship. We love this design and as you can see, he's standing on top of a busted skateboard holding a slice of pizza... awesome! Don't sleep on this release, they will be gone in the blink of an eye!

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