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*Onsite Coverage* of Feminamorphe II at Woot Bear!!

Yesterday was the opening night of Feminamorphe II at Woot Bear, and we were onsite to check it out!

These pieces were mob inducing; though we arrived early for the show, there were streams of people coming in and asking about these, and I would glance over occasionally at the pieces and the red dots would grow in number! I also wanted to show a close up of the bake-kujira that Candie Bolton painted - the shimmer and glitter are quite something, and it took multiple photos for me to capture it in detail. If only I could shine a spotlight on it!

The bindi moo had a great amount of sparkle too, and is quite different than some of the recent releases from kkamoxo, and is a definite treat for the lucky purchaser (another fast sell out!). The jeweled pieces by Rato Kim were also a different flavor than the cutesy bread cats, and they were great - super goth, pointed, and feminine at the same time. Finally, I took a close up of one of the pieces by JP Neang - that detail was so ethereal and can't really be seen on Instagram or other places in quite the same way. Really should be seen in person!

Let's take a break here and talk about the event itself. The show definitely drew it's usual crowd, but what I thought was especially nice was that many of the faces in the crowd were not familiar to me - it was clear that some had visited from out of town, or were not normally at these shows but definitely in the scene. For example, I got to chat with a lovely pair of folks whom I last saw at DCon 2016 and I was glad to see them there to support Candie, one of their favorite artists. There was also a group of folks who bee-lined to purchase the Hikari Bambi and Teresa Chiba pieces and was giddy over them, taking many photos in front of the Woot Bear sign on the street. I had never seen them before and their enthusiasm was contagious. Some of the artists dropped by, like Gretchen Lewis, and she obliged my awkward request for a photo! I also got to see Candie Bolton after several hours of worrying if I was going to miss her. I didn't get to stay and chat but I hope she realizes that she and Tasha Zimich curated a wonderful show!

One last photo spotlight - excuse the flash on the photo showing the pieces by Lana Crooks, Odd Fauna and Victoria Rose - I really wanted to capture the details of the sparkle on each. Those were some really delicate pieces too and very fun to see up close. I had many more photos of all the other pieces but I will leave it here! It was a great night, with lots of new faces, beautiful pieces, and the Woot Bear staff was amazing as always. Til the next show!

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