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We are seeing RED... "The Clairvoyant" 8-inch Kirdrobot Dunny from J*RYU & Kidrobot!!!

Sneaky Kidrobot... updating their Facebook cover photo and then changing it soon there after only to hide the above image that you see... and hot damn, a "RED" version of J*RYU's soon to be released "The Clairvoyant" 8-inch Dunny! This is in conjunction with the upcoming 'Arcane Divination' Dunny Series... and the "RED" version might be a chase... or, a Kidrobot store exclusive. Either way... it's friggen amazing! This Dunny comes in a Japanese style red color with dark rub... and yes, it also comes with a 3" Dunny crystal ball - and it's sculpted in true J*RYU style... check out the figures... so much detail! More details will surly be forthcoming... so sit tight!

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