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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Paul Kaiju x Splurrt - "Thrash Out" Moon Goon lottery announced!!!

This Friday, Rich over at Mutant Vinyl Hardcore announced that he'll be opening a lottery for the first painted "Moon Goon" sofubi figure. Designed by Paul Kaiju, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Splurrt... we showed off the prototype sculpt HERE back in 2014... and according to Rich, this has literally been 4 years in the making. This release is black vinyl with silver sprays and red details, classic "Trash Out" homage. It's also limited to less than 20 pieces... so to say it's limited is taking it lightly. More info will be posted HERE via the MVH Instagram feed... but bookmark the MVH home page HERE and visit it Friday for more details on how to enter for a chance to purchase.

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